Rachele is a wholesome health and fitness entrepreneur helping women look, live and feel more alive, in-control and full of energy, sustainably.

When you focus on restoring your body back to its ideal weight and state, with intuitive and sustainable habits that change the mind and the metabolism, you'll maintain your health with ease and never have to diet again! Not to mention, diets never lasts!

So, yes! You can have your cake and lose weight, too!

Feeling good gets to be that simple; if you let it be that simple.

My Story

I never really had a problem with my body.

Until I had a problem with the way my body felt.

For a large part of my young-adult life, I danced. I was relatively fit, a confident girl, and grateful for what I had. But, despite all of that, I still faced some of the normal nuances that came with everyday "diet culture".

Throughout my 20s, I experimented with my career. I was your typical millennial searching for the perfect, passion-filled opportunity. This lead me to different jobs, a quick stint in real estate and a lot of random side hustle's.

Due to this never-ending cycle of change, I always had a hard time establishing a healthy routine. There was a part of me that always wanted to be "healthy" and another part of me that thought I already was pretty "healthy".

At 25, I had my first health scare.

A $6,000 trip to the Emergency Room from an ovarian cyst caused by my IUD was enough to point me in the direction of a more wholesome health lifestyle. But not enough to make it stick.

When I turned 27, that's when things really started to change.

My period cramps became more painful. I had a hard time focusing. I had lower back pain that kept me up all night. I was carrying an extra 10 lbs of unnecessary weight. I just didn't feel good. 

So, I took matters into my own hands and tried a bunch of diets.

Vegan, Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Whole30, Paleo, Juices, Beach Body, Gym memberships, etc.

Some of them actually worked, too.

But I never sustained the diets; and I always re-started from square one.

The year I was turning 30, I wanted to start the decade different.

I was so sick of "dieting" and I wanted a more sustainable solution. So, I set a weight loss goal with the dedicated intention that I am never dieting again.

I started by applying what I knew about manifestation to weight loss, and I lost 13 lbs easier than ever before. But it wasn't until I realized the connection between manifestation and metabolism (energy) that my body composition began to change.

Suddenly, I felt brand new. I got rid of my period cramps. I was sleeping 8 hours at night. I no longer had back pain. And everything I thought I knew about nutrition and fitness was finally demystified and clear.

Throughout this process, I had many individuals inquire on social media about how I was getting the results I was.

And from that point on, I knew that this needed to be my career.

Being in the driver's seat of your health without sacrificing what you love about life is a feeling everyone deserves to experience.

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