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Fail Your Way to Happiness


Super Quitter:
Fail Your Way to Happiness

An energizing, self-help spin on happiness's best kept secret: failure. I wrote this book for the 21st century, 20 and 30-something’s who need to be reminded that messing up (f***ing up) is not only a part of the process, but the most important part of the process.

In this book, I story tell my way into teaching individuals how to let go of past mistakes and better, trade former decisions in for a more successful model, a happier model. From almost getting fired, quitting jobs, toxic relationships and leaving my first business to overcoming a shopping addiction, and manifesting in line with the Universe, Super Quitter is the perfect, compact edition of an edu-taining (educational, entertaining) beach read for the one in need of a massive starry-eyed pick-me-up in any part of their life.

If you’ve found yourself pleasing others, self-sabotaging or overthinking, want to get good at saying No, desire the confidence to change your mind or want to start acting with no regret - this book is for you! It reads like the perfect combination of real and raw to inspiring and intentional from the mindset of a Millennial who turned a risk-infested shit show into a happy life of purpose, gratitude, fun and freedom! I hold nothing back. Because neither should you!

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