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The Manifesting That Works Bundle

A complete online course package demystifying manifestation, teaching you the power of becoming irresistible, and helping you create your dream future, today.
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Is this your Google search history?

And, do your goals sound something like this?

Get in the best shape of my life
Be financially free
Own nice things
Take incredible vacations
Travel the world
Impact tons of people
Build a legacy
Love my job
And finally, feel happy...

If you've been dreaming about a way to manifest your goals, that does NOT include you...

  • Having to journal every day until your fingers hurt
  • Having to pour water into cups wondering "does this actually work?"
  • Having to quantum leap into new stratospheres thinking to yourself "am I doing this right?"
  • Having to meditate 3x a day
  • Having to put crystals all over your home
  • Having to take an online physics class
  • Having to create a vision board
  • Or, having to ask the Universe to send you signs, like feathers and bunnies and rocks...

Welcome to:

Manifesting That Works

The only online course demystifying manifestation with ONE personalized tool focused on ONE final result: You inside the future that you *actually* want!

Bundle Value $1,046

What is manifestation, really?

Manifestation is the process of consciously creating your dream reality.
Since BC, this process has been available to us.
Until recently, we didn't understand this which is why manifestation has become modern-day culture's most popular new phenomenon.
But, aside from what you *think* manifesting is...
Which you've likely been taught it wrong...
Believe it or not,
You are always manifesting.
Your energy is not something you can turn On or turn Off.
The real question is: Do you like what you're manifesting?...
Do you like what you've manifested?...
Because if not,
Learning how to master manifestation (quickly) is the answer to your desires.

It is the famous Albert Einstein who said:

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

It is the famous Albert Einstein who said:

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Energy. More specifically, how to use it, raise it and align it is *exactly* what you're taught how to do inside Manifesting That Works!


Hey, I'm Rachele!
On December 15, 2019, I wrote (and recorded) my life as I live it today... and that's despite not knowing the chronic uncertainty and extreme chaos 2020 would bring.
I quit my job.
I became an Author.
I built an audience of over 80,000 in less than 3 months.
I experienced my first $20,000 sales month.
I launched an ecommerce brand.
I became a dog mommy to my dream puppy.
I started my dream podcast, Rachele Radio.
I got in the best shape of my life.
And, I got married to my best friend!
Not to mention, I was the happiest I had ever been!
It happened fast!

I can confidently say that manifestation has changed my life! Now, I teach you step-by-step, inside my course how to change yours, too!

There's never been a better time in history to learn the power of manifestation.


Upon completing this course, you will:


This course teaches you how to rewrite, release and forgive old thoughts and beliefs holding you back.


Inside Module 2, you will spend time exploring your desires and learn HOW to decide what you really want with no outside influence.


Throughout the Fundamentals, you will learn the history, psychology, science and spirituality that make manifestation what it is.


Probably the best part of the whole course, you walk away with something! You'll create your own manifestation tool that will optimize the speed AND volume of your manifestations!


"Claiming" can be a buzz word on the internet. Inside this course, you'll learn what truly sets apart claiming an intention with certainty and confidence vs. commenting "claim" on Instagram.


It's great learning how to manifest, but if you can't maintain your manifestations, they'll likely be short term. That's why, you learn how to EMBODY being a manifestor so you keep what's yours, plus manifest more!

And I know you may have some doubts, like...

  • Will this help me manifest money?
  • Why would manifestation work for me now if it hasn't worked for me in the past?
  • I think all this stuff is either coincidence or too good to be true...
  • I'm not a science-y person, nor am I a spiritual "woo-woo" person...
  • I don't think the things I want are manifest-able...
  • What if it doesn't work?

It's literally all inside the course!


  • The history, psychology, science and spirituality of manifestation
  • How to figure out *exactly* what you want (even if you're an over-thinker)
  • How to align your unique personality with desires that make sense for you!
  • How to release limiting beliefs, identify resistance and un-self-sabotage
  • How to raise your energy's vibrational frequency with your own personalized manifestation tool
  • What it takes to maintain your manifested life once you have it!


The Manifesting That Works Bundle

includes 4 for the price of 1!
Normally sells for $697

#1 Manifesting That Works

The manifestation course teaching you ONE method focused on ONE result: You inside the future that YOU *actually* want!
Normally sells for $297

#2 Irresistibleness

A one-of-a-kind course teaching you the 5 C's for obtaining the undeniable "It" factor that makes it easy to influence, capture attention and sell!
Normally sells for $37

#3 Angel Number Guide

A guide teaching you how to read your own Angel Numbers AND how to use them on your manifestation journey. You'll be taught how to read Root Numbers and more!
Normally sells for $37

#4 Spiritual Awakening Workbook

50+ guided journal questions to help you initiate a spiritual wellness practice and begin a journey towards inner peace!


Get a physical copy of my book, Super Quitter, sent to you for free when you pay in full!


The Manifesting That Works Bundle

Take the first step toward become a more knowledgable AND confident manifestor with this exclusive course bundle.

Get Unlimited Access to 2 Online Courses

$1,046 VALUE

$397 Your Price Today!

Imagine this...

One year from today, you're...

Lounging on the beach in the Caribbean
Drinking your 3rd Sex on the Beach (or maybe it’s a Strawberry Daiquiri, whatever you prefer)
Gazing into crystal clear, blue waters
Thinking to yourself “holy shit, life is good”
You’ve got $100,000 in your bank account
Feeling safe, secure and completely free
With only 1 thing to do on your 7 day vacation
And that is to RELAX
You’ve got an Assistant who’s handling your major responsibilities
And you just checked your income report to see that you made $5,000 and it's only 9am
You're not worried, but are excited to get back home
Because you have a beautiful home in the place you’ve always wanted to live
You're healthy, you're happy...
And, you love your job!

Doesn't it feel good to imagine a brand new reality? How good do you think it will be when you've manifested your all-time fantasy?

Q: But what if I don't explicitly know exactly what I want?

ANSWER: You don't have to! You'll learn this inside the course! The reason why most people don't know what they want is because they haven't been asking themselves the right questions OR they haven't allowed themselves to truly *desire*. Inside Manifesting That Works, you'll learn how to get clear on what you want - without any distractions from others!

Q: What if I've already tried to manifest before but didn't get any results?

ANSWER: The course is called Manifesting *THAT WORKS* for a reason. Most manifestation information out there is regurgitated vague information from someone else and the majority of teachers will teach you tactics without teaching you the tact! Inside this course, not only do you focus on ONE method with ONE result but you also learn the WHY'S and the HOW'S of the psychology, spirituality and science that make manifestation real.

Q: How is this course different than hiring a coach or learning the information for free?

ANSWER: This course is for people who want the freedom to learn whenever, however and wherever they want! It's also for people who are tired of piece-mailing free information together online and would rather follow a thoughtful, straight-forward and effective solution for learning manifestation from someone who's been Certified to teach it. The course is:

  • 100% online - access it wherever you have wifi
  • Access to any upgrades and updates FOR FREE
  • Access to course forever!
  • Direct access to teacher to ask questions
  • Finish whenever, however you want!

Q: What if it doesn't work?

ANSWER: If you were handed a golden ticket that opened the doors to your dream reality, would you ask the question "what if the ticket doesn't work?" OR, would you go to the doors and walk into your dream?... 

I am not special. If I can manifest, so can you!

Who is the Manifesting That Works Bundle for?

Anyone who is...
- Curious about manifestation and how it works
- Tired of trying a bunch of manifestation methods and seeing little to no results
- Planning on achieving BIG goals this year
- Done watching another year go by without realizing true potential
- Looking for an easier, faster and more fun way to manifest desires
- Searching for a simple yet effective solution for mastering manifestation, quickly!

Q: But how do I know if this is *REALLY* for me?

ANSWER: I 100% get that this is a big decision. Most big-good decisions are accompanied with a little nervousness- that's normal, we are human! But take this with a grain of salt... your results could be truly limit-less and that type of result is LIFE-CHANGING! (just like it was for me!)
If you want the lifestyle of someone who gets what they want easier and faster while having way more fun. Then, my friend, that’s all you need. You're guided through the rest!

***Not totally, 100% sure? Let's get you there! Send questions to rachele@racheleradio.com***

The Universe doesn't make mistakes.
Why were you sent here?


The Manifesting That Works Bundle

Take the first step toward become a more knowledgable AND confident manifestor with this exclusive course bundle.

Get Unlimited Access to 2 Online Courses

$1,046 VALUE

$397 Your Price Today!
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