how to make your own workouts

Confidence in the Gym

Learn how to make your own resistance-training, strength-building workouts so you can build the type of muscle and strength that'll have you feeling confident in your body... in and out of the gym.
1 year
of workouts
exercise demonstration videos
If you want to be the girl who walks into any gym, and knows exactly what she's doing while looking like a total badass who's unbothered by anything but her own goals, this course is for you.

The benefits of Muscle Health

After you build yourself some healthy, strong muscles you can...
- Eat more without gaining weight

- Eat the food you love without feeling restricted

- Get that healthy looking physique that makes putting on a bathing suit or pair of jeans fun!

- Improvements in metabolic health which will aid your sleep, your menstrual cycle, your digestion, your immunity to sickness (and so much more)

- Less stress on your joints which will reduce joint pain

- Feel stronger in everything you do (like carrying groceries, climbing stairs, holding babies, or moving heavy things)

- Be the kind of confident woman who goes after anything she wants!

Knowing how to resistance train = More muscle = Burning more Calories at Rest = Eating more food without gaining weight = Your body burning fat as fuel = Your body storing less fat all together

I want to be the kind of woman who knows exactly what she's doing without anyone else'e help.

Imagine having 1 year's worth of workouts...

All you need is dumbbells or body weight

No need for heavy equipment or machinery. All you need is your own body weight, at-home free weights or the dumbbell section at the gym. That's it.

40-60 mins in length

The perfect amount of time for strengthening and building muscle but doesn't require you to spend 2+ hours in the gym. Perfect for someone crunched on time.

Simple to follow

Learn how to choose your own exercises, pick the amount of weight and how to put 1 week's worth of workouts into an 8-week program or 1 year's worth of workouts!

Free to be creative

You're provided templates that are interchangeable. So, use the foundations you're given to get creative and have fun!

Easy to incorporate Cardio

Add in cardio in a non-exhaustive way that doesn't tire-out your mind or muscles, but still gives you an avenue for achieving fat loss or maintaining your weight.

Feedback on your program!

Send me your 1st workout program and I'll give you feedback and suggestions to optimize your results!

Confidence. Before the gym. In the gym. Outside of the gym. And, in your body.

Here's all you have to do:

1. Create your own workout program

by picking your own movements (65+ demonstration videos are included to help you)

2. Follow that program for 8 weeks

with instructions on how to pick weight and when to progress, etc.

3. Switch it up & Repeat

When you're done with 1 program, create another, follow it all the through, and repeat!
1 year
of workouts
exercise demonstration videos

Confidence in the Gym

Make your own resistance-training, strength-building workouts so you can build the muscle and metabolism that'll have you feeling confident in your body, in and out of the gym.

One-Time Payment


Here's what you get:

  6 Interchangeable Workout Routine Templates
 1 year's worth of Workouts
  65 exercise demonstration videos
  Feedback on the 1st draft of your 1st program!
  Lifetime Access
  1:1 contact with instructor to ask any questions!
  Grandfathered into any Updates for Free
  Confidence in and out of the gym
  Strengthened Muscle throughout your Body
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