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Are you familiar with those people who (annoyingly) seem to get everything they want? They sell things quickly. Start things fast. They look confident as hell (from the inside/out). They charm an audience. Are engaging in a conversation. Opportunities easily flock to them. And it's like they have no fear. To top it off, they're in these incredibly healthy, happy and loving relationships (with themselves and others) that first make you want to barf and then out of nowhere make you jealous - in a way, you sort of want to hate them, right? But wait! Before you do... what if instead of hating them, you learned what it took to become one of them?
Meet the instructor

Rachele Voigt

Rachele Voigt is the Host of the Rachele Radio Podcast, Author of Super Quitter and Online Educator, Coach and Speaker in topics such as Manifestation, Minimalism and Career Fulfillment. Prior to being an entrepreneur, Rachele worked in various recruiting, training and development and sales roles in the financial services and real estate industries. Today, anything Rachele does, creates and offers stems from 1 simple question: Are you doing what you want today if you didn't have a tomorrow? 
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