7-Day Manifestation Activation course

Activate Your Highest Self Energy

7 days to getting your mind focused, your heart aligned, your intentions clear and your energy frequency vibrating!

Do any of the following sound like you?

Is your energy kinda blah lately?

Maybe you feel a little stuck and not in the mood?

Are you overthinking decisions and procrastinating on getting things done?

Do you feel like you need a little re-boot, a little jump-start or a little pick-me-up?

How about your goals...

Are they close to manifesting?

Or, do they still seem hard to obtain?

If any of these sound like you, you're in the right place!

This 7-day challenge is an online course that was created to center your intentions, channel your focus while raising your energy frequency to align with your highest self!

Here's how it works:

1. Everyday, for 7 days, you will watch a video training on manifestation with a special "Download"

2. Each "Download" will have affirmations and homework that align with the video training

3. Each day we will focus on 1 part of manifestation giving you time to calibrate, connect and be present with each topic and with yourself

4. You're given a BONUS "Highest Self" Hypnosis Recording to listen to every day

5. You'll have access to this program and material for life!



Hey I'm Rachele!

Your Spunky Hypnotherapist + Manifestation Enthusiast!

I teach you how to use manifestation to create a body and life you love. And...

A big piece of making that happen is you understanding ENERGY.

That's why I put this 7-day course together!

When you learn how to control and create attraction energy, by law you have no other choice but to become the person who has everything you want.

Time to get out of your energy funk.

Activate your highest self and watch how easy it becomes to manifest!


What happens after you enroll:

1. At checkout, you'll create a Username + Password to Login

2. Upon purchase, you'll receive an email confirmation with a link to Login, or you can always visit RacheleRadio.com/Login

3. Inside your personal portal, you'll have access to ALL the Video Trainings, Downloads and Hypnosis Recording so you can begin your 7-day journey immediately

the energy you've been waiting for

Activate Your
Highest Self Energy

7-day Manifestation Challenge Course


What You'll Get:

 1 Hypnosis Recording

 7 Manifestation Video Recorded Trainings

 7 Downloads with Manifestation Tips, Affirmations & Homework

 Lifetime Access

 Refreshed Energy, Focused Mindset, Ready to Manifest

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