Meditation for Weight Loss

Learn how to use meditation to ease and expedite your weight loss efforts while enhancing the connection you have with your body on a subconscious level with 5 done-for-you weight loss meditations!
minute masterclass

Here is exactly what's covered
in this mini-course

Why meditation is your  missing link

Why meditation is the missing link in your weight loss efforts

How to breathe

How to breathe during meditation, even if you're brand new!

How meditation shifts your hormones

Hormone imbalance is a dominant contributor to the inability to lose weight. Meditation helps you re-balance these.

How meditation affects your nervous system

Your nervous system's have a direct connection to your weight. Meditation relaxes the systems that are stressed or prone to over-usage.

When to meditate

The best times to meditate when trying to lose weight

Positions to meditate in

The best positions for connecting to your body and focusing on your weight loss goals

The 5 Meditations that are included:

2 focused on obtaining Fat Loss

1 focused on Balancing Your Metabolism

1 focused on establishing Healthy Habits

1 focused on Loving Your Body

Learn how to use meditation for weight loss

Meditation for
Weight Loss

1 hour   |   7 Lessons   |   5 Meditations


What You'll Get:

 7 Lessons on how to use meditation specifically for the purpose of weight loss

 2 Fat Loss Meditations

 1 Metabolism Meditation

 1 Healthy Habits Meditation

 1 Body Connection Meditation

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